Diving with the GoPro: how to fix the Camera to your diver mask

GoPro and diving, filming from the best angle: your angle!

In the following video you will find a tutorial how to use your GoPro camera for diving  and fix it to your diving mask.


Everything was needed for this tutorial: some Uhu Powerkit glue, a drill and a stainless M6 screw I use this attachment and its simply bombproof. The necessary Uhu glue you find here (is in the building market more expensive and cheap products are often bad quality and especially often dried out).

UHU Powerkitt Glue, buyable here

For the diving glasses, it is only essential that you do not have any glasses in the middlepart infront of the nose because you could damage the glass by using a screw.

For example, I would recommend such glasses (cheap lenses are often mist or dense), easy to order on Amazon.

Profi Diving Mask “Redfish”


How you build / screw the whole, I explain in the following video and now I only can wish fun with the diving and filming!

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