Start/ Learning Spearfishing – What do i need? Tutorial

Hello everybody, often the question is asked what you need as an equipment  for learning and start spearfishing and since I initially when i started got this question not answered well, I would like to present my equipment.

In the Youtube video, I explain all the equipment. In this article you find all the mentioned equipment



Neoprene Gloves

in my eyes absolute duty, each the once the rubber lapsed, a moray in the hand bitten, or even the hand on a coral has cut open why. Who buys cheap, buys twice (own experience) Well and cheaply there is here:

O’Neill Wetsuits Adults FLX Glove, Black

Neoprene shoes

Also here, who buys cheap buys twice, good neoprene shoes hold long, you dont tear apart your feets in the water  and you can stay longer, I have my own ones now for 8 years.

Well and cheaply there is here:

Mares Unisex Dive Boots Classic


The suit is a delicate subject, it should ideally fit exactly to your body. I prefer 5mm neoprene thickness, so I keep it in the 10 degree cold water for 2h.

In the suit you should pay attention that he has reinforcements in the knee, elbow and above all chest area. These so-called Breastplate help tremendously in the speargun tension and prevent painful impressions.

Personally I own a two parts- wetsuit, before entering i dipp a little bit soapy water in the suit and he is super easy to put on. The color is my taste taste and plays with the fish behavior less a role, with black one is well served and it is not so cold in the water.

For a suit, I would invest between 100 – 200 € minimum, also here the rule who buys cheap, buys twice and patch holes makes less fun. A good spearfishing suit of a well-known brand is for example here:

Cressi Wetsuit Apnoe Apnea 5 mm, black



Also the fins are an often-discussed topic, I own Gara Modular fins, a number larger so you can fit with neoprene shoes.

Anyone who has ever worn apnea fins will never dive again with small  and short cheap fins.

Carbon can be thought of when you do the sport for a long time, but I think the Garas are the OPTIMAL starter fins.

They are not expensive, you can dismantle them, so you fit into each suitcase and you are not dead-hearted as soon as you have a scratch.

Buy cheap Garas here:

Cressi Gara Modular, Premium Fleets for Apnoe / Diving

Diver Knife

Also here again: absolute must have and who buys cheap, buys twice (cheap knives rust simply away). I personally have the Omer mini laser, a diving knife with a great lock, quickly accessible quickly, if you take care of it (always after the sea with fresh water rinse). What for a knife? It is your life insurance if you get tangled and a fish does not kill by itself 😉

Cheaply available here:

OMER Mini Laser Diver Knife


Again, absolutely necessary, I dare no more without buoy into the water.
The idea behind the buoy is to signaling who dive there. Underwater, it is extremely difficult to identify where and how far a boat is located. Second advantage: you just hang your fish and the like on the buoy and so less restricted in your movements. In many countries, e.g. Italy, France and Greece is a buoy prescribed by law and if you do not have any sensitive penalties.

Simple and practical buoy:

Mares Diving Buoy TORPEDO, Orange

Led belt

Without a lead belt, you go up with a suit like a cork, a lead belt lengthens the dive time immens, since you do not have to fight against the buoyancy.

A beginner should NEVER dive without detailed instructions with lead, as it changes the diving behavior fundamentally.

I need with my 1.86m and 85 kg with 5mm suit about 6kg lead and without suit 2kg lead in the salt water, in fresh water the lift is lower and you need less lead. A so-called Quickrelease Buckle is mandatory on the lead belt, which allows the lead to be released within seconds in emergency situations.

Cheaply available here:

Cressi Led belt, Quick-Release Buckle

Led you can simply buy here:
Cressi Diving led 1 kg

On further things like snorkel mask, etc. I will be coming soon.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment, I will answer you promptly.

Best regards

Start Spearfishing – the video Tutorial

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