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Often, the question is asked what Equipment is needed to learn harpooning / Spearfishing and since I did not get this question answered reasonably at the start I would like to introduce my equipment once. The question “What do I need” is explained in the Youtube video again in detail, I go to all the equipment and explain you exactly. Detailed equipment recommendations are below.

You have questions, like always in the comment section below and otherwise I wish happy hunting!

Freediving Spearfishing Apnoe Ausrüstung Equipment
Well equiped in Norway

Spearfishing Spots – Guide

I have written a long guide, which you can buy in my shop. Here you will find a lot of basic things about spearfishing, useful links and tips and above all a tutorial on finding spearfishing spots and creating your own spearfishing map. This will help you to improve your hunting quickly and efficiently, and above all, not to go home empty-handed.

Furthermore, you will find many different spot maps from all over Europe, which I have collected over many years. – Spearfishing Guides & Maps

Spearfishing Spots Shop Spot Guide Tutorial

The Equipment


The most important thing in terms of neoprene is the thickness, this determines significantly the insulating ability. If you want to stay in the water for at least 2-3 hours, I recommend the following rule:

Which neoprene thickness should I choose?

  • With expected water temperatures of 0-15 degrees, I recommend a neoprene thickness of 8mm.
  • With expected water temperatures of 15-22 degrees, I recommend a neoprene thickness of 5mm.
  • At water temperatures over 22 degrees I recommend 3mm or the “Adamskostüm”.

Diving gloves

Neoprene gloves -> in my eyes an absolute duty, anyone who once loosed the Speargun rubber, has bitten a moray eel in his hand, or even just cut his hand on a coral knows why. Who buys cheap, buys twice (own experience).

Cheap and fast on Amazon:

O’Neill Wetsuits Adult Neoprene Diving FLX Glove, Black

Neopren gloves Handschuhe Spearfishing Hunting Fishing

Neoprene Shoes

Again, who buys cheap buys twice, good diver shoes last a long time, one tears when in the water do not walk up the feet. I have my 8 years now. In the meantime, I have experimented a lot with neoprene socks and other variations, but have always returned to my shoes.

Also cheap and fast on Amazon:
Mares Unisex Dive BootsClassic

Spearfishing Surfing Hunting Fishing Neopreneschuhe Stiefel Neopren Shoes
The Sole makes the difference!

Wetsuit – Neoprene Suit for Spearfishing

The suit (often succinctly called a rubber suit) is a touchy subject; ideally it should fit exactly. I prefer 5mm neoprene thickness, so I hold it in 10 degrees cold water for 2 hours and then you have no desire any more. When wearing the suit, you should make sure that he has reinforcements in the knee, elbow and especially chest area. These so-called Breastplate help tremendously with the harpoon tension and prevent painful impressions. If you buy a suit, make sure it has a hood. Man loses the fastest and most heat over his head. No matter how good a suit, it will not do you any good if it does not have a dive cap.

Important when choosing the wetsuit is to make sure that the suit is a Freedive suit or Apnea diving wet suit. These are characterized by the fact that they have a different distribution of neoprene thicknesses in contrast to swimming suits. Swimsuits have thicker neoprene at the leg end to pull the legs to the surface, we want to achieve exactly the opposite in the apnea / freediving / harpooning.

Personally, I own a two-parter, before diving just spray a bit of soapy water in the suit and he is super easy to put on (and you come as freshly showered out of the water). The color is in my opinion a matter of taste and plays less of a role in fish behavior, with black you are well served and it is not so cold in the water. In the Spearfishing area also so-called camouflage wetsuit pattern suits are offered. I go hunting with myself, but have never noticed a difference.

What is the price of a resonable Spearfishing wetsuit?

With a suit I would invest between 100-200 € minimum, also here is the rule who buys cheap, buys twice and mending holes also makes little fun.

For example, a good spearfishing suit of a reputable brand (Cressi) can be found here:
Cressi Neoprene Wetsuit – Apnoe – Apnea – Spearfishing – 5 mm, black

Spearfishing Freediving Apnoe Anzug Neoprenanzug Cressi

Here you will find a budget version of a Spearfishing / Apnoe Camo wetsuit, this looks great from the description, but it is not a brand product and will be from the processing rather not as good as the above mentioned Cressi suit.

You can buy the suit here:

Nataly Osmann Camo Spearfishing Wetsuits – Adult – 3mm

Spearfishing Neopren Camouflage Camo Apnoeanzug Neoprenanzug

Fins for Spearfishing & Freediving

Also, the fins are a frequently discussed topic, I own Gara Modular fins, one size larger, so you still fit well with neoprene shoes. Anyone who has ever had an apnea fins will never want to dive with small short fins. You can think about carbon when you do the sport for a long time, but I think the Garas are the OPTIMAL entry-level fins. They are not expensive, you can disassemble them, so you fit in every suitcase and you are not sad at all once you have a scratch.

One thing to keep in mind is that apnea fins are not simple snorkling flippers, paddling on the surface is much more strenuous with long fins than short ones, but the effect underwater is amazing. Try it and love it.

Aswell available on Amazon:
Cressi Gara Modular, Premium Fins for Apnoe diving – Apnea – Freediving – Spearfishing – Changeable Fin Blade

Spearfishing Apnoe Freediving Flossen Flippers Fleets Gara Modular Cressi

Diver Knife for Spearfishing

Also here again: absolute duty and who buys cheap, buys twice (cheap knives simply simply rust away). Personally, I have the Omer Mini Laser, a diving knife with a great closure, quickly plugged away, if you take good care of it (always rinse off with fresh water to the sea). For what you need a knife? It is your life insurance if you get tangled and a fish does not fall by itself death;)

Cheap and fast on Amazon:

OMER Mini Laser Diver Knife – Diverknife

Spearfishing Hunting Tauchermesser Diver Knife

I’ve written a separate blog post on the topic of diving knives, which you should read if you are interested in knives. There, the detail of the knives will be discussed again and explained in more detail. You can find the article here:

Buoy – Spearfishing Float

Also absolutely necessary again, I do not dare to go into the water without a buoy. She is here to signal to traveling messengers that someone is diving. Underwater, it is extremely difficult to tell from where and to what direction a boat is moving. Second advantage: you simply hang your fish and the like on the buoy and less so in your movements. In many countries, such as Italy, France and Greece are required by law to fly a buoy with an alpha flag and if you have no threat of severe punishment.

Einfach und praktische Boje:
Mares Adult – Boje Buoy for Spearfishing – TORPEDO, Orange

Alpha Boje Tauchboje Freediving Bouy Apnoe
Inflateable Buoy

If you want to travel longer distances, you can consider getting a so-called diving float. At this raft you attach the whole “Kladderadatsch” (German word for heaps of Stuff) you want to take with you. These rafts are more expensive to buy but much higher in terms of workmanship and design. If you are interested in Spearfishing in the long term, it is worth thinking about buying a raft.

Seac Seamate Buoy – Diving float – Raft for Spearfishing

Tauch Floss Diving bouy Boje Alpha Flagge Spearfishing Speargun
Long distances? Diving float!

Diving Lead belt & lead

Without a lead belt you go up with a wetsuit like a cork, a lead belt extends the dive time immensely, because you do not have to fight the buoyancy. However, a beginner should NEVER dive with lead without detailed instruction as it fundamentally changes diving behavior. I need with my 1.86m and 85 kg with 5mm suit about 6kg of lead and without suit 2kg of lead in salt water, in fresh water, the buoyancy is lower and you need less lead. At the lead belt, a so-called Quickrelease Buckle is required, it allows to throw off the lead in emergency situations within seconds.

Quick and dirty on Amazon:

Cressi – Diving lead Belt – Diving Belt – Quick-Release Buckle

Cressi Bleigurt Bleigürtel Taucherblei Blei Plonge

Better still than a braided lead belt is a rubber elastic belt (Elastic Belt), these are a bit more expensive but do not slide down when diving and thus do not press on the diaphragm, here it is worth the few euros more in the hand , again cheap on Amazon:

Cressi Marselillas Elasti belt Tauchen Bleigürtel Schwarz Elastic Quick Relase Spearfishing

Cressi Marselillas – Elastic Belt Diving – Diving Belt – Black – Quick-Relase

Lead for the Diving Belt you can buy here:

Cressi – Diving Lead – 1 kg

Blei Taucherblei Spearfishing Apnoe Freediving Lead
No Lead no depth!

A tutorial on how you can easily and cheaply melt yourself a dive lead can be found in another article from me:

Diving mask and snorkel

The theme of choosing the right pair of goggles and the matching snorkel is quite extensive. That’s why I’ve written a more detailed article here. In the following article you will find everything about the characteristics of a mask and the snorkel, which you should pay attention to.

Equipment Backpack – Dry Bag for Spearfishing

Last but not least, you need a backpack to transport all the equipment in one piece to the water, because you often can not drive to the water by car. In the past, I often used a simple sports bag myself, but quickly realized that the straps cut off my hands and it’s a rough job to get all the stuff at 30 degrees to the water. A few years ago, I found the best solution, in my opinion, the Cressi Drygara dry backpack. It is concipated only for Spearfishing and Apnoe Diving.

It is a duffel which can be closed watertight, in addition, the backpack offers a finholder and a gunholder, so you do not need to take the harpoon and fins awkward in the hand. The backpack is really huge (60 liters volume) and is able to take all the equipment from A to Z (long suit, etc.). I can recommend this backpack unreservedly.

And one last:

Cressi DRYGARA, Duffel – Dry bag – Backpack for Spearfishing – 60 L

Cressi Gara Drybag Seesack Trockenrucksack Finholder Gunholder Rucksack Spearfishing

The Speargun

Now we come to the heart of the hunt, the harpoon. There is so much to note and so much different selection of brands and speargun types, that I have written a very detailed article, which I would like to put to every beginner and advanced:

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