Spearfishing Guide and Maps – Mallorca (Majorca) – Spain

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This amazing Guide offers all Informations you need to Spearfish on Mallorca (Majorca) – Spain (Spanien)

You will recieve a Spearfishing Guide with all required informations + 10 Spearfishing Spots on the Island in a programm based Spearfishing Map.

To read what you will find inside the Guide & Map, just scroll down.


What you Get:

  • Spearfishing Guide PDF (English)
  • 10 Spearfishing SpotsSpain  Mallorca (Majorca) – File (English)

The Guide

This Spearfishing and Maps Guide contains heaps of Information about the basics of spearfishing. The tutorial includes a step by step manual How to create your own Program based Spearfishing Spots map to document your Spearfishing Spots and search for promising new Spots.

The Guide (PDF) includes:

  • A step by step Spearfishing Maps Creation Guide, and how to implement and setup the Crete Spearfishing Spots
  • A step by step Guide How to Print your own offline Spearfishing Map
  • The Philosophy of Spearfishing
  • Video Tutorial: How to improve Spearfishing
  • Video Tutorial: How to find Spearfishing Spots
  • A Long article about the Basics of Spearfishing
  • Useful Links for Spearfishing (Wheather, Tides and much more)
  • Links to useful Blogs articles which contains heaps of Spearfishing informations
  • Law restrictions and minimum fish sizes in Spain

The Spearfishing Spots – Mallorca

This Guide is specialized to Spearfishing in Mallorca/ Spain. The Guide contains informations about the Law/restrictions in Spain. Moreover you will find the minimum fish sizes.

All informations you need to spearfish in Spain.

If you buy the Guide you will recieve a spots file which you can implement in the Spearfishing Maps Programm (by an easy step by step tutorial which you find in the Spearfishing Guide).

The Spot file includes:

  • 10 Spearfishing Spots on Mallorca
  • Information about depth, temperatures, caughtable fishes and much more informations about the Spearfishing Spots
  • I have tested most of the spots by myself and included my Knowledge& informations about the Spots

Leider ist der Spearfishing Guide – Spanien – Mallorca im Moment nur in Englisch erhältlich.

You can buy my own Spearfishing Spots all over Europe on as well.

This video i shot myself on the islands, it contains heaps of good fishs you can catch on the islands, all spots are included in the map:


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