All Spearfishing Spots – Basics & Tips – Guide for whole Europe

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This amazing Guide offers all Informations for Spearfishing.

A Spearfishing Guide + more than 140 Spearfishing Spots in a programm based Spearfishing Map – Basics & Tips for whole Europe

To read what you will find inside the Guide & Map, just scroll down.



You search for Spearfishing Spots in different countries? THIS is your Guide!

What you Get:

  • All Spearfishing SpotsBasics & TipsGuide for whole Europe
  • More than 140 Spearfishing Spots – in 8 Countries of Europe – File (English)

The Guide

This Spearfishing and Maps Guide contains heaps of Information about the basics of spearfishing. The tutorial includes a step by step manual How to create your own Program based Spearfishing Map to document your Spots and search for promising new Spots. Many tips to start in this great sport

The Guide (PDF) includes:

  • A step by step Spearfishing Maps Creation Guide, and how to implement and setup the  Spots File
  • A step by step Guide How to Print your own offline Spearfishing Map
  • The law and restrictions of spearfishing in all european countries
  • The Philosophy of Spearfishing
  • Video Tutorial: How to improve Spearfishing
  • Video Tutorial: How to find Spots
  • A Long article about the Basics of Spearfishing
  • Useful Links for Spearfishing (Wheather, Tides and much more)
  • Links to useful Blogs articles which contains heaps of Spearfishing informations

The Spearfishing Spots – 140 Spots in 8 countries

The spotfile contains all Spots and Informations that i tediously collected in the last 14 years, it contains more than 140 Spots in the following countries:

  • Spain, Norway, France, Italy, Croatia, England (Great Britain), Denmark, Greece

The Spot file includes:

  • 140 Spots in 8 european countries
  • Spot information about depth, temperatures, caughtable fishes, tips and tricks, parking, good accommodation around
  • I have tested most of the spots by myself and included all my Knowledge & informations about the Spots

The spots file you can implement in the Spearfishing Maps Programm (by an easy step by step tutorial which you find in the Spearfishing Guide).

Leider ist der Guide/Tutorial „All Spearfishing Spots – Basics & Tips – Guide for whole Europe“ im Moment nur in Englisch erhältlich.

If you search for a Tutorial that focus only the basics of spearfishing, have a look on:

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    Not that cheap BUT definitely worth it! There are some brilliant spots in there, I just tested Spain Javea and Greece until now but i cannot wait to test all the other countrys! Specially norwegian spots look so amazing. Thank you Chrís for sharing your knowledge and ambitions with us. Highly recommendable.

    ¡Muchos saludos! Enrico

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