2019 Full Face Snorkling Mask for Apnea Diving, Freediving capable? Review

Last year the Full Face Snorkling Mask appeared like Mushrooms in the woods. I have been asked a couple times if this Fullface Mask is capable for Spearfishing or Apnea (Apnoe) Freediving or Diving. This review is about a new 2019 version, which has been improved in terms of visibility and Anti fog. So i want to share my experience with you.

Pros of the Fullface Snorkelmask

First lets come to the Pro Section of the Fullface Snorkelmask:

  1. Breathing through your mouth is much easier then to a snorkel, it does not take any training – Snorkling beginner can start right of
  2. The snorkel is always dry due to the build in Water/ Air pistons, it does not require to blow out the water like an old fashioned snorkel
  3. The sight is very good, due to the full face field of view
  4. It has a builded in Anti- Fog system, so a good mask wont fog through the inner air circulation

If you just want to go snorkeling I can recommend you the Mask, if you want to dive please read further.

2019 – Full face Snorkeling Mask – Snorkelmask Anti Fog – New Version*

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Contras of the Full Face Snorkling Mask

Ok lets come to the contra points and explain why Full Face Snorkelmasks are not suitable for Apnea Diving, Freediving, Spearfishing or general diving.

  1. Full-face Snorkelingmasks simply does not access your nose so you are not able to do a pressure equalization. The pressure rises as you dive down and presses on your tympanon. No pressure equalization no deeper dive then 1 meter. Period.
  2. The high inner volume leads to two problems: as you dive down, the mask will be pushed towards your face and second the mask will do a big impact on your buoyancy. It creates a positive uplift. This we want to avoid normally.
  3. A bigger inner volume inside the mask means a larger volume which can accumulates Carbondioxid (CO2). This will negativly impact your diving time and shorten your time until the contractions hits in. Thats the dangerous side of the mask.
  4. The mask is much more bulky than a normal mask, if you travel you want to take as less baggage as possible. An ordinary mask will do a better job.
  5. Snorkling and Diving beginners who have no experience with the sport are not used to the normal handling with diving masks when it comes to water inside the mask and problems underwater. With the fullface Snorkelingmask they just start right of to the water without getting used to the diving as normally when you start with a normal mask. This can cause panic and panicattacks which are much more dangerous in the water.


I have done a Video Full face Snorkel Mask Review on Youtube to help out everyone that has the questions, if these masks are suitable for diving (No).

2 thoughts on “2019 Full Face Snorkling Mask for Apnea Diving, Freediving capable? Review

    I bought an Aria QR full face snorkel mask by Ocean Reef, chosen because I needed the Optical Support System to hold my prescription lenses as I am short sighted.
    I took this mask on an organised 2 weeks snorkeling holiday to Galapagos in February 2020. Once there, despite fitting perfectly and not leaking, it continually MISTED UP. I used defog products, equalised temperature, took steps to keep it dry by preventing sea water splash wetting the inside, tried every bit of advice given to me by the very experienced holiday guide and the 16 other experienced snorkelers on holiday. The snorkeling was ruined, I couldn’t see anything, at one point at Kickers Rock I was in such severe danger because I couldn’t see I was swimming into the open ocean, the guide had to dive in and pull me back.
    I saw that the valve membrane was slightly dislodged, there is a known fault with the valve / membrane between the two compartments inside the mask, despite this, when i returned the mask to Ocean Reef UK it was declared no fault found and they are trying to return the mask to me, obviously with the fault still in place as they haven’t admitted they have repaired it. My 2 weeks’ holiday February 2020 was ruined, what is the point of sending me back the same mask for it to mist up on another trip.
    I have just discovered this is a KNOWN FAULT with the valve membrane that causes misting, Ocean Reef refuse to acknowledge the fault. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT DO NOT DEAL WITH OCEAN REEF.

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      Thank you for sharing your experiance!


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