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Micro Camper – Sleeping in a small car – Nano Camper VW Lupo

What is a micro camper? Is it even possible to sleep in a small car? I converted my VW Lupo into a mini camper myself. I can tell you one thing, in any car, no matter how small, you can easily build a bed in which a tall man (or woman) can fit. A nano camper in a small car is the vacation you would never have dreamed of. Promised!

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View from the bed.

The basis of the whole renovation is a wooden plate which forms the level for the bed in the small car. I made mine from 20mm plywood. The advantage of plywood is that it is not very expensive and is also very strong. If you want to use the car as a camper for the long term, it is certainly advisable to use a plate made of good wood such as spruce.

So sieht der Alltag im Mikro Camper aus

Build a bed in a small carmicro campers to sleep in

In this YouTube tutorial I explain step by step how to install a bed in a small car (in this case in a VW Lupo). The whole thing is rounded off by a foam mattress, on which you sleep very well. My plate consists of two parts, these can be connected with metal split pins and can be installed in the car within 5 minutes, without having to remove the seats or change anything on the cars body.

So baut ihr die Schlafunterlage für euren Mikrocamper

Packing list camping holidayNano camper small car

Here I would like to present you my packing list which I use when I go on vacation with my Micro Spearfishing Explorer Camper. I am constantly updating this packing list. It is also very important to cross things off the list that you did not need after your vacation.

As always, you will find my recommendations on Amazon under the items marked with an asterisk.

Micro Camper Equipment

Kitchen Equipment

Camera Equipment

  • GoPro 
  • GoPro Equipment Case

Spearfishing Equipment – Packing List

  • License
  • Repair kit
  • Harpoon*
  • swimming goggles
  • Neoprene
  • Floatline
  • Shoes
  • Replacement shoes
  • Weight belt 6kg
  • knife
  • Lamp and chargers
  • Gloves
  • Stringer
  • Neoprene glue
  • Measure and scales
  • Soap
  • Fins
  • Polespear
  • Float
  • Dive watch

Checkup before the Ride

  • Tire air pressure
  • Oil / windshield cleaning water
  • Check and fill the spare wheel
  • iPhone music
  • Empty iPhone memory

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