The Octopus (Kraken) – Catch and prepare

The octopus hunting: the catch

In the following videos I explain a lot about the catch of all sorts of marine animals such as lobsters and also octopuses.

To prepare you can find more below.

How do I kill an octopus?

In order to kill an octopus quickly and safely, it is recommended to put a finger into the head (opening is on the back of the head, behind the eyes). Now you turn the animal’s hat over in a fast movement. If you do it correctly, the octopus quickly changes from an angry red to a brown / white. This is because the chromatophores (color cells) of the octopod are no longer driven by their nervous system. In addition, the animal loses its muscle tone and no longer sucks with its suction cups.

The Kraken: prepare

The preparation of an octopus is not easy, if you do not observe some basic rules, you have in the end only a tough lump, which has nothing in common with the tasty, delicate meat of a good octopod with the Italian or Greek. For the delicate preparation of octopus there are basically three methods which I would like to introduce in the following:

Beat the octopus tenderly

This method is recommended if the octopus itself is caught, at home it would be only a huge mess and there are simpler methods.

  1. After killing the octopus (chapter Octopus kill), you are looking for a flat stone on the shore. It is important that you have water nearby.
  2. To knock the octopus softly you grab the animal at the head and hit it with force on the stone. Repeat this 10 times.
  3. Then you rub the octopus strongly on the stone. This produces a white foam (protein), which you wash down in the water.
  4. Repeat the 10x beat and 1x rub a total of 10 times (you have heard correctly, hit 100x and rub 10x. Now the octopus should be super soft for the kitchen.
  5. Cook for 10 minutes and then prepare as desired.

Octopus delicately prepare, the freezer method

This is a simple method when you bought a fresh octopus.

  1. Pack the octopus as it is in a freezer bag and close it carefully.
  2. Now pack the bag into the freezer and let the octopus freeze well (takes at least 6-8h). During the freezing process, small ice needles are formed in the octopus, which ensure that the connective tissue of the animal is torn.
  3. Thaw the octopus overnight and cook it.
  4. You will notice that he will be super tender.

Octopus soft – the cooking method

Again, this is true for freshly caught animals. I have come across this method from an Italian and am still enthusiastic.

  1. You prepare a large pot of salt water (preferably too much salt!). You can add spices like rosemary or laurel leaves at will.
  2. Bring the water to boil.
  3. Take the octopus and tune the arms 3 times for a few seconds into the seething water (this causes the arms to curl up).
  4. Now add the whole octopus into the boiling water. The water ceases to bubble, since the animal is cold. Wait until the water boils again.
  5. Now place the stove on the second lowest level and close the pot with a lid. Let the animal simmer at this stage for an hour.
  6. After the hour has elapsed, you leave the stove and let the animal cool down for two more hours together with cooking water.
  7. After cooling, the animal should be buttery.
  8. Get it out of the water and under running water scrub your skin down.
  9. Process the octopus as you want and enjoy its great and tender meat.

The 3 most important techniques how to get an octopus the right meat texture, I explain in the following video:

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