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The philosophy of Fish and Spearfishing

When spearfishing, the idea and philosophy of ​​life of and with nature should be in the foreground. Is it right to shoot young fish and destroy nature without thinking? The answer is a clear no. Personally, I see the opportunity to get intouch with the underwater world through fishing and fish, to understand and appreciate it, is the most beautiful thing this great sport has to offer. Become one with the environment and look for “your” fish. If you fulfill these goals, the joy is much greater that the pure hunt for records. Enjoy the gifts of nature and treat her carefully, we only have this only one. Delight in the complexity that this other world has to offer. Watch and enjoy. To recognize that the speargun gives you the opportunity to fish, as it would never be possible with fishing tackle or nets and other methods, is the most valuable thing that can be learned 9, 20, or even 45 feets below the water surface. You do not need a 40 kg of tuna, everyone will realize that if you have set yourself the goal to catch a squid and this goal is fulfilled, that your heart will jubilant. “Learning spearfishers means a great journey out of small individual events and at the end of which eventually the dream fish will swim. The most important thing, and one should keep that in mind, that:

the journey is the goal

Another day I read a book by the author “Colin Thubron – Shadow of the Silk Road*” and stumbled on the following sentences, which let me falter and is just as fully interpretable on the underwater hunt:

“A familiar exhilaration sets in, the childish anticipation of entering something completely unknown, a perfect otherness.

Your body brightens and tingles. The evening fills with half-imagined houses and voices that you do not understand.

The experience is inextricably linked to a sense of loneliness and a rudimentary fear, you do not know where the road leads and who will be there. “

Everybody and I emphasize everybody, even if he does not care about philosophy, should have read the following book. For many situations of life, this book has an answer. Although this is not about diving and hunting, this 2500-year-old Chinese foundation of strategy / philosophy has lost none of its relevance and validity.

Here very cheap available:

Sun Tsu – The Art of War*

philosophy fish spearfishing strategy journey is the aim

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