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Tutorial: How to build your 20$ Pole Spear

How to build a Pole Spear

After a long time I got up again and went into the basement. The result can be found in the video: a 2.5m long Pole spear (similar to a Hawaiian Sling Gun). In many countries, Spearguns are forbidden, but hunting with a Polespear is permitted and for these countries there is the Pole Spear…

I’ve built the whole thing out of a few materials.


Latex rubber (Buyable here*)

Spearfishing Rubber Latex Pole Spear PoleSpear Hawaiian Sling Slinggun Gun Speargun

2 Nordic walking sticks from bulky waste, for example:

(Nordic Walking Carbon Walking Sticks*)

Epoxyd Resin (Really cheap, Buyable here*)

4x Fittings (Price comparison*)

Tesa vulcanisation band (Price comparison*):

The Tutorial

And now have fun with the rebuilding, when you have questions always just leave a comment!

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