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Tutorial- Melting Diving Lead by your own (easy)

General information about diving with lead / diving lead 

The topic of lead is a very special one, but it allows the apneaists to prolong their basic time considerably, who once dived with lead will never go again without into the water. On the other hand, there are also shaded pages, you should already have a good diving experience to know the influence of the lead on your own diving behavior.

No beginner is advised to dive with too much lead packed and at 10 meters depth to notice the air scarce but one is still far below positive lift.

As the lungs become increasingly compressed with the increasing depth of the dive by the pressure of the water on the body, the lift of the own body also decreases linearly. Depending on the volume of the body, the discharge can be in the water at a depth of up to 20 m. If you reduce this level now with artificial weight by lead you have to be aware that the body has already no lift at a depth of more than 5 meters and has to be heave again above this limit by muscle power. Just after a deep dive can reach as far as this limit already so much oxygen a blackout threatens.

How to melt your own Diving Lead quick and cheap

Here is a tutorial how i transform lead, which I found with the metal detector, into a camouflaged diving lead with a quick release buckle.


  • Old lead (fishing lead, ladle, buoyancy lead, motor vehicle)
  • Old fish cans/ tins
  • wax
  • 2 pliers
  • camping stove and a Storm lighter (Creme Bruleé burner)
  • gloves
  • a free area in the garden

Which lead belt?

The lead belt also has a quick release buckle which is very important when diving in apnea, if you get into a difficult situations, you simply pull at the closure, the diving lead sinks to the ground and you emerge like a cork. In my opinion a good and fair price.

You can find a suitable lead belt here:

Seac Diving Belt – Lead Belt – Cheap*

Diving Lead-lead belt

Lead melting – Video Tutorial

In this Tutorial video i explained every single aspect of the process:

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