First Speargun- Which one shall I buy? Review

Buy a Speargun, many decisions…

Many years ago, I was about to buy my first speargun, thousands of questions flutter through my head:

What to look out for?

Whats the optimal length of a speargun?

How much does a reasonable speargun cost?

Which is the right thing for me?

What’s the best?

It took me many years, but I think now to have understood what is important at a good Speargun. I have processed all my experiences in a video and summarized what should come when buying a good harpoon. All topics such as the length, pneumatic spearguns, materials, arrows, rubber bands, rails, reels, prices, cords, accessories and much more are treated. If I want to buy a Speargun, I am basically allowed in Germany at 18 years.
I hope I can help with the choice of the first harpoon.

All beginnings are difficult, therefore here a small guide, recommendations and tips through the Speargun jungle

The features

Now I would like to introduce two Spearguns, some Review work:

1.) The Beginning Speargun: The Seac Sub Sting


Where shall i buy?

Very cheap and fast:
Seac-Sub Harpune Sting 55

If you are looking for a cheap speargun for the first try in your holidays, this Speargun offers everything for the first 1-2 underwater adventure, but bot for more. You can order the Speargun in different sizes, if you have seen my video, I recommend you a 75er, everything underneath is “killefitz” (German word for small stuff).


What is good at this Speargun?

  • An absolute novice, why? Continue reading:
    At first she is piggy
  • She shoots, but not far but it is enough to get to know the underwater hunt. And right here I see the
    Advantage of the harpoon, if one the whole is not good or notes that one can not dive 2m deep, one has
    not too much money to the window rausgeworfen.

What is bad about the Speargun?

If you have seen the above video, you will notice the pictures:
– Plenty of plastic, no open head system, no rail, no reel, no wishbone, etc. etc.
– This harpoon impresses with its price and I also started with such a harpoon.


If you hunt the hobby, there is no cheaper way to do the whole thing.
Since you have the plan to stay a bit longer, I dont advise you this speargun.

2.) The Advanced Harpoon: Mares Viper Pro

Mares Viper Pro kaufen

Where to buy?

Very cheap and fast (compare the prices of several sites):

Mares Harpune Sling Gun VIPER PRO

Let’s get to the Speargun for advanced, the Mares Viper Pro. This Speargun is not cheap with its 150 € but it offers everything a harpoon should have in my opinion. If I would order the good, I would probably order a 100cm. If you have seen the video, you can compare it by yourself.

What is good at the Speargun?

  • A guide groove for the arrow runs along the entire length. The so-called rail
  • The head of the speargunhead is open type, this allows to use arrows with Shark Fins.
  • It is possible to add an additional elastic.
  • The trigger mechanism is made of stainless steel. The trigger sensitivity is adjustable.
  • A metal liner release.
  • The harpoon has a color-coded fuse.
  • Circular elastic cord diameter 19 mm with Dyneema snap hook -> Very healthy for the fingers
  • Tahitian arrow made of stainless steel 17-4 PH-, Ø 6,5 mm., With pins (similar to Shark Fins). The re-hook is located
    on the bottom.
  • The Speargun is equipped with a vertical roller. The Viper Pro 75 and 90 have the role
    Vertical Spiro 65, the Harpoons Viper Pro 100 and 110 – the roller Vertical Spiro 87.
  • Conversion to closed head possible

Some more pictures:

Rail Speargun

What is bad about the Speargun?

  • 150€ is not quite favorable, but with the number of properties this Speargun brings along
    very fair price
  • If you do not understand what is above and do not know what it means, this harpoon is probably
    something too high. This speargun is said to be more advanced.


If you want to continue harpooning or deepening, this harpoon I think is just the right thing. It has many good qualities and brings everything to the harpoon sport to operate more professionally. The price of 150 € may be frightening at the first moment, but in my opinion are well invested.

5 thoughts on “First Speargun- Which one shall I buy? Review

  • 3. April 2018 at 19:06

    Hi Chris, I used a Rob Allen GoPro Mount and even though there is a slight bit of play when it’s fitted to the the Viper Pro, I think it will work great. Also it is very well made and can mount the GoPro on either side of the gun. Cheers.

  • 4. March 2018 at 10:22

    Thanks for your sound advice. I looked at the Mares Viper Pro and the Rob Allen Tuna. Both very nice guns. Eventually decided on the Mares Viper Pro DS at 75cm. The things that made the decision for me were that the Viper Pro comes with a reel and it has a much more advanced Stainless Steel mechanism. And at £135 with free delivery not a bad price. I think I will probably paint it camo and try to change the awful colur of the orange handle. Now I just got to work out how to mount my GoPro to it. Cheers from UK

    • 6. March 2018 at 15:26

      Great that i helped you a little bit. Have a look at my Blog how to Mount a Gopro to your Diving Glasses, the perspective is much better then from the speargun and when you shoot the film is not wacked at all (

    • ).
      If you have any more questions dont bother to ask them, im always happy about feedback (positive and negative!)

      Greetings Chris (to Chris ;))


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